24 Sep: JCS: Gen Martin Dempsey Reflects .. Karen Russell Hicks


24 Sep: JCS: Gen Martin Dempsey Reflects Video series: 1: The Use of Military Force; 2: The Middle East and Instability; 3: The Budget; 4 The Profession of Arms; via Farewell to Jon & Darlene Greenert & Karen Russell Hicks: Thomas Sankara quote


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Re: military elite who are captives of their success:

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There are Sustainable Security Generals and soldiers who engage in military warfare because of their concerns for a sustainable secure future for their nation and the planet; for them ‘success’ would be the implementation of an Ecology of Peace international law social contract. Then there are generals and soldiers who are nothing but mass murdering welfare whores; whose definition of success is a Gold Rolex, a Mercedes in the driveway, some cheap labour to mow the lawn and wash the dishes; with fuck all concern for sustainability; and even less sustainable security for their nation, let alone the ecological resources foundation for all species.

Re: when you got a hammer everything looks like a nail:

In terms of Generals who have a military focus on sustainable security; start with Homer Lea:


“Investigation shows that whenever two nations have become engaged in warfare they have been advancing on converging lines of (resource acquisition for growing consumption or procreation) self-interest and aggrandizement. When the contact takes place, the struggle for supremacy, or even survival is at hand. This inevitable hour is approximately fixed and determined by the angles of convergence plus the sum of the relative (consumption / breeding war) speed by which the nations are moving along their respective lines. Thus it is that, when the angle of (breeding / consumption war) convergence of both or even one of the nations is acute and the speed or progress along one or both of the converging lines correspondingly great, war results in a few years or decades.” – Homer Lea, Valour of Ignorance.

If the nail you are hammering is to abolish the Masonic War is Peace social contract and replace it with an Ecology of Peace social contract; then that nail is simultaneously addressing a multitude of ecological overshoot problems: whether crime and violence, unemployment and poverty, food shortages, inflation, political instability, loss of political freedoms, conformist political correctness, vanishing species, garbage and pollution, urban sprawl, traffic jams, toxic waste, resource depletion, etc. Put simply the nail is in the bulls eye target zone, and each hammer strike, sends problem solving solution ripples to each of all of these problems; whereas if you find a nail and stick it in only one of these problem areas; each hammer strike is pointless; because in the absence of addressing the root cause of the problem: Masonic War is Peace ‘right to breed/consume with total disregard for ecological carrying capacity limits’ social contract; the particular problem you are focussed on is only going to get worse; as the tap of overpopulation/overconsumption-ecological overshoot resource scarcity grows and grows and grows.

“…an organization cannot have a conservation policy without having a population policy….the sanity test — in which the candidate, confronted with an overflowing sink, is classified according to whether he reaches for the faucet or the mop.” — Daniel B. Luten; as quoted by William Milton Cooper in Behold a Pale Horse. – 02 Aug comment to The White House: Memo to America from President Obama: Re Our Planet.

“Environmental degradation and environmental resource scarcity are of such a magnitude that they can become, if they are not already, an issue of national security (military and non-military) for the United States. … We can use the concept of “carrying capacity” to help focus our understanding of the fundamental interrelationship between overpopulation and environmental security. Ecology and environmental geography share the concept of carrying capacity, which, defined in general terms, is the total population that the resources of an area can support over an indefinite period of time. The concept of carrying capacity is readily reflected in livestock management practices. Ranchers understand that a grazing area can sustain only a certain number of cattle or sheep per acre without long-term damage to the supporting vegetation. In the context of a specific geographical region, carrying capacity is a function of the soils, the climate, the availability of water, and several other natural system variables. The magnitude of carrying capacity can be influenced positively by technology with irrigation and fertilization, and it can also be impacted in both directions by weather, such as drought or increased rainfall. Over the long term, however, only a finite number of animals can be supported without damaging the land’s ability to sustain its natural state. ..  In this situation, people first mine the natural resources, consuming water, wood, and other renewable resources at a rate faster than they can be regenerated. Next, people may migrate to a region where they can be better supported, but such opportunities are found less and less in a world of 6 billion. In natural systems, the final stage of this process is the die-off.” — Understanding International Environmental Security: A Strategic Military Perspective; by Colonel W. Chris King – November 2000; US Army Environmental Policy Institute

Re: Presidents and Congress can sleep peacefully knowing US military will not stage a coup d’etat:

“In South Africa, almost every white household had (and still has) one or more black servants. It is said, in fact, that the definition of a white South African is “someone who would rather be murdered in their bed than make it.” Excerpt: Putin: EU [Islam Lebensraum Hijrah] Refugee Crisis Absolutely Expected: Cracker Lebensraum Colonization Dots: Multinational’s cultural Imperialist Importation of Migrant-Refugee cheap labour aka Apartheid & EU Downfall: Addiction to Cheap labour.