17 Mar: Shonnies World .. Harold Covington

* Shonnies World .. Harold Covington
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* 17 Mar: Occidental Dissent: URGENT: Suidlanders Reach Out To Americans To Stop South African White Genocide. FluxRostrum: Veteran Brothers Ride Till the End of the Wars; Afghanistan Special Ops Report.
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EoP MILED Clerk: 17 Mar 2017: 23:51 hrs: @Shonnies_world via @DrugWar_vet I ain’t often speechless, but well said. FYI eop-nwo-sco.tygae.org.za goal 2 stop WiP human factory farming
» Retweet of: Shonnies World: 17 Mar 2017: 07:22 hrs: Having a lot of kids doesn’t make you a good mom. It makes you a fertile cum dumper that needs to keep your legs closed.

EoP MILED Clerk: 18 Mar 2017: 00:01 hrs: @Shonnies_world FYI check out @DanaPittard http://eop-nte-gma-potus.tygae.org.za http://ig.tygae.org.za/17-03-07_chukotkakeystone-shadesofgreen/ & @TaraIndiana https://twitter.com/i/moments/839159702260953088 ideas pic.twitter.com/FVmAu3oCH4 [17-03-07_chukotkakeystone-shadesofgreen]
» Reply to: Shonnies World: [since deleted]: Shades of Free

EoP MILED Clerk: 18 Mar 2017: 00:09 hrs: @Shonnies_world Well Said!: Wanna join eop-nwp-sco.tygae.org.za in root cause problem solving of race, gender & religious resource conflicts?
» Retweet of: Shonnies World: 04 Feb 2017: 20:43 hrs: have a relationship that’s mature enough to sit down and be like ” look this is our problem and this is how we’re gonna fix it..” SIMPLE

EoP MILED Clerk: 18 Mar 2017: 01:02 hrs: @denofiniquityla @tabletmag @GQMagazine @SirDarklust @taramae79 @Chrisdr504 @agenderbird FYI EoP corr 2 @TaraIndiana https://twitter.com/i/moments/839159702260953088


Hunter Wallace: 16 Mar 2017: 21:21 hrs: URGENT: Suidlanders Reach Out To Americans To Stop South African White Genocide http://www.occidentaldissent.com/2017/03/16/urgent-suidlanders-reach-out-to-americans-to-stop-south-african-white-genocide/  pic.twitter.com/0KuJvgNjh5

EoP MILED Clerk: 18 Mar 2017: 02:42 hrs: @occdissent @voorbereiding @FloydShivambu @SAPresident @Cernovich @FarmersWeeklySA @ProJourn FYI: http://ig.tygae.org.za/17-03-18_sa-eop-or-wip-econtransformationendgame/ @Kremlin_E pic.twitter.com/XVuw9t4aP8 [17-03-18_sa-eop-or-wip-econtransformationendgame]. Tagged: @ben_morken7 @marxistcom @PietRudolph @danroodt @farmingfirst @GautengANC @Our_DA @EFFSouthAfrica @VFPlus

EoP MILED Clerk: 18 Mar 2017: 02:55 hrs: @occdissent @voorbereiding @FloydShivambu @SAPresident @Cernovich @FarmersWeeklySA @ProJourn FYI eop-nte-gma-potus.tygae.org.za  @StanMcChrystal pic.twitter.com/P9NYcZ9XFd [14-08-27_leasankarasmarties]

EoP MILED Clerk: 18 Mar 2017: 03:17 hrs: @occdissent @voorbereiding @FloydShivambu @SAPresident @Cernovich @FarmersWeeklySA @ProJourn https://youtu.be/1cj-0BKaAUs [FluxRostrum: Veteran Brothers Ride Till the End of the Wars] @Timothy4316 @FarmPeace

EoP MILED Clerk: 18 Mar 2017: 12:56 hrs: @voorbereiding Looking 4 Trump voters – http://eop-v-vjjl.tygae.org.za  http://eop-cooperator.tygae.org.za – who are sincere about EoP Peace with RU @HAC1488