23 Mar: Jack Donovan: Re Yr Masculinity Definition

* Jack Donovan
* 23 Mar: Jack Donovan: Chuckling from the Balcony; We Are Not Brothers, No One Will Ever Make America Great Again, Violence is Golden. Extra Environmentalist: 76: Energy Slaves; Club Orlov: Women on the Verge.
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Hi Jack

Thought the following may be of interest to you, in your masculinity definition and research enquiry.

Extraenvironmentalist #76: Energy Slaves: includes discussion about how cheap energy changed  gender roles, from rome to industrial revolution. http://www.extraenvironmentalist.com/2014/03/31/episode-76-energy-slaves/

Piero San Giorgio: Women on the Verge of Societal Breakdown: Preserving Hard-Won Freedoms during an Age of Uncertainty. Dmitry Orlov Club Orlov Interview: http://cluborlov.blogspot.co.za/2017/02/women-on-verge.html

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